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The Karma Club

June 2013

Sumatra protection patrols

November 2012 fundraiser - Thank you for your support

Late last year, the Karma Cats team held a fundraiser in Brisbane to raise much needed funds to support an amazing group in Sumatra who run patrols to protect tigers (and other animals) from poachers and illegal loggers. The fundraiser was a huge success and a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the night so special. Together, we have made a HUGE difference.

We raised enough money for Debbie and her team in Sumatra to buy two new motorbikes for patrols, put $1,200 towards a van to help carry the rangers and their equipment, two GPS units to help navigation, a couple of small still cameras and a handi-cam. You can see the photos of the flash new bikes, van and the guys playing with the new GPS units (they look like phones but are actually GPS)! With these new bikes, the rangers will be able to cover much larger areas than patrols on foot, so they will make a huge difference… thank you so much.

I apologise for the delay in getting the newsletter out after the fundraiser. We’ve been waiting to hear how the funds were spent but unfortunately the team in Sumatra were only able to get out of the national park to the city to purchase these a few weeks ago.

Sumatra protection patrols

The fundraiser included drinks, nibbles and an auction that was a LOT of fun! Many generous sponsors donated goods and services to help a great cause. Without you, the night would not have raised anywhere near the funds we did, so thank you to Kerwin Rae – Business Mastery International, Zoo Studio - Animal Art Photography, Dreamworld Tiger Island, Connexions Car Radio, Pet Barn, Printcraft, Alma Park Zoo, Danny’s Mobile Massage and Colourcraft Ink.

A huge thank you also to Kristinca and Vanessa who volunteered their time for the weeks leading up to the fundraiser (as well as on the night) to help bring it all together. Thank you also to Sarah and my parents for their help on the night. Dad as the auctioneer was a huge hit and highly entertaining, and Mum was a fantastic record keeper and money collector! We couldn’t have done it without you all – Thank you!

So once again, a huge thank you to our volunteers and sponsors who made the night possible but very importantly, thank you to all of you who supported us by attending, making the night so much fun and such a huge success! We’d like to make this an annual event so I look forward to seeing you all at the next Fundraiser.

How you can help

If you would like to sponsor a ranger or make a tax-deductible donation to assist the Sumatran team please click here or email Liz Bellward.

Today's Actions Affect Tomorrow's World

Pelestarian Harimau Sumatera Kerinci Sebiat Conservation Group

For those of you who couldn't join us, here is some information on the team in Sumatra we will continue to support. Pelestarian Harimau Sumatera Kerinci Seblat is a conservation group that was founded in 2000. They were created with the goal to detect, prevent and deter tiger poaching activities in and around Kerinci Seblat National Park in Sumatra and to assist the Park in protecting tiger habitat and prey species. The National Park covers approximately 13,000 km2 and is one of the most important tiger habitats in the world and possibly the most important in South East Asia.

There are only approximately 300 - 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild and there are more than 166 tigers within Kerinci Seblat National Park itself, and approximately another 40 living in the threatened forests on the park’s borders. This means that about half (206) of all Sumatran Tigers are living in or bordering Kerinci Seblat National Park. The two biggest threats tigers face today are habitat destruction and poaching for their body parts for use in traditional Asian medicines. Poaching is often inhumane with the use of snares and poisoning resulting in agonizing deaths for the animals.

Pelestarian Harimau Sumatera Kerinci Seblat is composed of five Tiger Protection and Conservation Units, each consisting of four rangers that patrol the area to uncover illegal snares and poaching activities. They are currently in the process of establishing a much needed sixth unit. Many snares destroyed are not intended for tigers (e.g. deer snares) but are strong enough to hold a tiger so can still kill them. Poaching of the tiger’s prey species also directly affect the tigers abilities to survive.

In 2012, the anti-poaching team;

• Destroyed more than 630 snares intended for tigers and other species

• Rescued three tigers from active snares

• Walked more than 1,320 km on forest patrols

• Assisted in the arrest of two tiger dealers and one tiger poacher resulting in 2.5 years jail time for each individual

• Identified illegal mining and logging operations that aimed to destroy the natural forests of Sumatrs

Pictured: Tiger caught in a snare and rangers with snares they have collected.

How you can help

If you would like to sponsor a ranger or make a tax-deductible donation to assist the Sumatran team please click here or email Liz Bellward.

Today's Actions Affect Tomorrow's World
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